Then you can do this

If you are 14 1/2 to 16 years old you must take a driver training course in order to get a driver's license in Idaho.  You must go to the DMV located at 400 N Benjamin Ln # 102, (208) 577-3135, to get your instruction permit.  You will need these items...


1. Proof of Age and Identity

2. Social Security Card or Number for Verification

3. Proof of Idaho Residency

4. Acceptable Lawful Presence Documents (if applicable)

5. Foreign Driver’s License (if applicable)

6. Visual/Medical Certification (if applicable)

7. Driver Training Completion (if under 17)

8. Liability Signer (if under 18)

9. Verification of School Compliance – VOC (if under 18) Available at your school.


While at the DMV you must tell them to send the permit to UltraSafe Driver Training, 4022 W. Glendale St, Boise ID, 83703.  Please bring the receipt to the first drive.  You can still practice driving with the receipt (so we don't have to wait to receive it in the mail).


After you do this then we can meet up and schedule the drives.  It is important to start before you begin driving.  Call me at 863-4154.  Click on the Idaho Drivers Manual link for extra help.