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17 year old information   

For more information on 17+ driver education in Idaho click here  more info


If you are 17 and do not have a permit...

     Please click on the "How to Sign Up" tab above and click on the 15 or 16 year old option.  You will signup as if you are under 17.  This means you will have to take the IODE online classroom course ($75).  UltraSafe highly recommends all 17 year olds take the DMV written test to get the permit before driving. 

Information is below.    DMV Info Page


If you are 17 and want to take the DMV written test to get your permit  - and then take our regular course...

     You can take the written test at the DMV in which you will receive an Instruction Permit allowing you to practice driving in any car.  You will need to take all the required documents to the DMV.  Once you receive your permit you will not need to take the online course but you will still do the same drives as students under 17 (7).  Only go to the DMV when you are ready to take the written test (schedule an appoint to take it).   When you have your permit please fill out the Driving Schedule Preference Form below.

DMV Info Page


You are 17 and have a permit...

  Please click on the this link and we will try to make a schedule based on your choices -

Driving Schedule Preference Form

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