Please note 17 and 18 year old students must take the same driving course as students under 17. This means you will schedule your drives the same way.  After reading the information below please go to the Scheduling and Signup page to schedule your drives. 


​​Overview of 17+ driver education in Idaho  (more info) 


If you are ​17 and want to take our full, regular driving course (before you take the written test)

     You can choose to take the regular driver training course in which you will follow the same procedures as students under 17.  When you go to the DMV you will tell them Ultra Safe Driving and they will mail us a Supervised Instruction Permit.  A Supervised Instruction Permit allows you to drive only in a driver training car.  No matter what age you are - you will only receive your permit after passing the driving and online class portion.  You will be required to take the Idaho Online Driver Education online course.  When the program is complete you can take your driving test at any time afterwards.  The 6 month supervised driving period is not necessary.  After the driving test you will take the envelope with your driving test evaluations to the dmv and then take the written test while you are there.  Cost is $425.   DMV Info Page


If you are 17 and want to get your permit first - and then take some driving lessons

     You can take the written test at the DMV in which you will receive an Instruction Permit allowing you to practice driving in any car.  You will need to take all the required documents to the DMV.  Once you receive your permit you will not need to take the online course but you will still do all the same drives as students under 17.  Only go to the DMV when you are ready to take the written test (schedule an appoint to take it).   

Cost is $400.    DMV Info Page


If you are 18 and don't have a permit

   You must take our basic teen driving course (including online course) but you cannot be in a vehicle with someone under 18.  All required documents at the DMV are the same as for 17 and under except for the parent/guardian requirement. 

Cost is $425.  DMV Info Page



If you are 18 and have a permit, but with very little driving experience

   You are required to take our regular course (without the online course).  You cannot be in a vehicle with someone under 18.  Cost is $400.

NOTE:  18 year olds can only drive solo, with another 18+ year old, or with a family member.  

Click here for more FAQ's and information on how to schedule siblings or friends