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Before Proceeding ...

1.  This section is for students who are 17, or for students 14.5 to 16 who have

already taken driver education and have a permit (please go to Option C).

  2.  Masks are required on everyone in the vehicle - no exceptions.

3.  There is a 1 hour parent observation drive on the last drive. 

Only a parent or legal guardian can observe.

4.  A parent must drop off student on the first drive (except 18+).

5.  There are specific drive locations listed on the scheduling page. 

Picking up and/or dropping off at specific locations is an extra fee.

6.  Drives are 2 hours to 2 hours & 15 minutes.  They cannot be shortened. 

7.  We do not provide services for individuals living between Hwy 55 & Hwy 16;

and between Beacon Light Rd & Chinden Blvd, or Eagle High School or

Rocky Mountain High School students. 



Please Find the Option That Applies to You

(if you are 14.5 to 16 and have taken driver education - please go to Option C)   

For more information on 17+ driver education in Idaho click here  more info


Option A:   If you are 17 and do not have a permit...

     You must go to the DMV to get your "Instruction Permit".  You must study the manual, schedule an appointment for the test, and pass the test to get your Instruction Permit.  Once you have the permit, please look at Option B below.   DMV Info Page


Option B:   If you are 17, have a permit but have not taken driver education...

     Even if you have a permit and have practiced with a friend or family member you will be required to take our 7 drive course.  The 7 drive course is the same as our 10 drive course for younger students except you will only need to do 7 drives.  Students who are 17 learn faster and usually take driver training more seriously.  You will not need to take the online classroom course.  Please follow this link to signup...Practice Drive Info.


Option C:   You are 14.5 to 17, have completed driver education, and have a permit...

  If you have completed driver education through a different driving school you can schedule 1 or 3 drives.  Follow this link to signup up...Practice Drive Info.  You will sign up the same way an adult with a permit does except that a parent or guardian must fill out and sign any forms or documents.  

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