17 and 18 year old information   

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If you are 17 and do not have a permit...

     Please click on the "Scheduling" tab above and click on the 15 or 16 year old option.  You will signup as if you are under 17.  This means you will have to take the IODE online classroom course ($50).  Some of the steps may not apply because you are 17.   UltraSafe highly recommends all 17 year olds take the DMV written test to get the permit before driving. 

Information is below.    DMV Info Page


If you are 17 and want to take the DMV written test to get your permit  - and then take our regular course...

     You can take the written test at the DMV in which you will receive an Instruction Permit allowing you to practice driving in any car.  You will need to take all the required documents to the DMV.  Once you receive your permit you will not need to take the online course but you will still do the same drives as students under 17 (7).  Only go to the DMV when you are ready to take the written test (schedule an appoint to take it).   When you have your permit please go to the scheduling page and follow the steps to scheduling drives.  Some of the steps may not apply to you since you are 17.

DMV Info Page


If you are 18, do not have a permit, and wish to practice driving-

     You must get your Instruction Permit first by going to the DMV and taking their written test.  Please do this step before contacting us.  Once you have the permit please text us to see what open times are available or you can go the scheduling page.   The cost is $100 for 2 hours or you can take our 3 or 7 Drive Value Courses.  Please refer to the Idaho Driver Manual for information on adults getting their permits. 

     It is best to get your permit first, but you can also take our regular 7 drive course before taking the written test at the DMV.  Remember the DMV written test is to get your permit (learners permit).  If you don't want to take the DMV written test you must sign up for our regular driver training course.  You would sign up the same way 15 & 16 year olds sign up - this means you will have to complete the online classroom course before doing any drives. 

     How many drives should you schedule?  If you have a little driving experience most adults schedule 2 to 3.  If you have no driving experience you should schedule at least 4.  If you have high anxiety or are from a culture with very little vehicles it would be best to do at least 5 drives.

Documents Required  at the DMV - DMV Info Page

For adults that have a permit - Important information before you contact us...


1.  If 18+ do not contact us until you have a permit.  If you are signing up for our regular 7 Drive Course please follow the steps on the Scheduling page.


2.  The first drive will start at Steven Henager College off of Overland and Cole Rd.  The second drive will start at Chuckarama restaurant across from Steven Henager College.  More Info on Practice Drive Locations


3.  If you cannot start there we will pick you up at your home which might be an additional fee based on where you live.  If you need home pick-up please include your address and we will let you know what the additional fee might be.  Drives are 2 hours long and do not include driving you to the starting locations.  If you need to be picked up please allocate enough time in your schedule to be driven to the location, do the drive, and then be driven home.

4.  Text us this information...

  • Your name

  • The days and times you want

  • "I am an adult and I have a permit"

Check our Scheduling Page for open times.


Text to this #:  208-880-3311

Click here for more FAQ's and information on how to schedule siblings or friends