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3 Drive Practice Drive Package - $225 (savings of $75 if scheduled separately)

The purpose of this course is to help you get enough driving skills to practice with a friend or family member in their vehicle.  It will not guarantee accident-free driving or passing the Skills Test.  You definitely will get better at driving and learn a lot of useful, real world information.  After 3 drives most students learn enough to start driving with friends and family.  If we do not feel you are ready to drive with other people - you are not obligated to schedule additional drives. 

  • 3 drives - each drive is 2 hours.

  • The first drive focuses on vehicle control:  steering, braking, & acceleration.  We Practice in a parking lot and then move to light neighborhoods.  You will also learn the proper way to adjust your seat and mirrors plus how to turn correctly.  We have a very good systematic way of teaching steering.

  • The second drive focuses on light roads.  You will do yielding left turns, lane changes, and pulling out onto a public road, pull off to the curb, and parking.  You will learn how to find lane positions, calculate your following distance, maintain speed without looking at speedometer, how to scan for & prioritize risks & hazards, and helpful defensive driving techniques that work.

  • The third drive focuses on busier roads.  Including the lessons from the second drive, you will now do 4 Way Stops, Roundabouts (traffic circles), going into the center turn lane, left turns through the center turn lane & into the center turn lane, merging from the center turn lane into traffic, and U-turns and 3-Point Turns.  You will learn more defensive driving techniques, the problems with 4 Way Stops, driving laws concerning center turn lanes, and more useful information.

How to Schedule

You must have a permit or license to sign up for practice driving.  Click here - Scheduling Page to find available drive times that work for you.  Scroll down to the days & times that are available.  You must text us the 3 drive times you want.  Click here - Locations to see the drive locations.  If you cannot meet at the drive locations we can do home pickup.  There might be an additional fee for home pickup.

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