We normally allow 1-2 weeks for students to work on driversed.com before the first drive.  If you have already finished an online course we can schedule driving much earlier.  Simply follow the steps in Sign up and Scheduling Info.  The only difference is you do not need to go to the DMV or allocate time for the online course.  So if there are drives available tomorrow and we can meet up today - you can drive tomorrow!

If you have not started the online course and are thinking of getting it finished before

calling us - please keep in mind the total cost of the course will be $50 higher.  We do not recommend this.  At the meeting we provide an access code that will pay for the online course.  It is built into the total cost and will save you $50.  It is also better to complete the online course as close to the driving as possible.  Students who finish an online course more than 1 week before the first drive seem to struggle more.


If saving $50 is not a concern, currently Driversed.com is $99 and AAA Online is $50.  These are the only 2 online courses approved in Idaho.  [Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) is also approved but we don't recommend it because it's too hard to schedule drives.]   Call for our opinion on each.