Beginners Teen Driving    $450  (includes required IODE online class)

This is for students at least 15 who wish to get their supervised permit.  This course is for students who are extremely nervous or have very little driving experience of any kind including driving or controlling vehicles, atv's, golf carts, boats, go-carts, dirt bikes, horses, or bicycles.  The course includes the Advanced Teen Driving Course as well as adding an additional 1 hour parking lot drive to focus on vehicle control and an extra 30 minutes of driving during the parent observation drive.  The student receives close to 8.5 hours of total training.  When scheduling... simply schedule the 6 normal drives and we will schedule the extra drive at the parent meeting.

Teen Driving Basic Course     $425 (includes required IODE online class)

This is for students at least 15 who wish to get their supervised permit.  This the course for students who need "driver education".  However, our course is above and beyond typical driver training programs.  Students drive a minimum of 6.5 hours and are introduced to enhanced defensive driving techniques including advanced scanning techniques, risk priority analysis, lane position analysis, driver psychology, road/highway structure and design, problems with certain laws, and many other topics.  Students 17 or 18 are not required to take driver training, but UltraSafe requires you to take this course.  Why so expensive?  Click:   What makes us different from other schools?

Our Driving Courses

With all teen courses the online classroom portion is included unless you use, which is $99 and can be started anytime after going to the DMV.  We recommend using Idaho Online Driver Education which is included with all the teen courses listed below.  With IODE the class will take 30 hours. You can also take for $99.  If you choose all teen driving courses are discounted $25.  You must be 15 to drive with UltraSafe, but you can start the online course at 14 1/2.  Click "Sign-up and Scheduling Info Here" for more info on the online course.

One-on-One Training:  Guarantee your student does not have a partner for individualized one-one-one training - $150 additional charge for all listed teen courses.

Night Time Driving:  It's hard to get solid night time driving experience during the summer.  Get 1 hr and 15 minutes of night time training for $50.



Enhanced Teen Driving    $510  (includes required IODE online class)

The Enhanced Course is 11 hours of driver training.  With 4 additional hours students will drive in more challenging environments, have more time to fine-tune their skill before driving with parents, and have more opportunity to make defensive driving a habit.  We will also be able to discuss more driving laws and other important information.  Also the 4 hours will be applied to the 50 hour requirement for the Graduated Driver License Program (supervised driving period).  This is the best deal in all driver education.

  • Hill/Mountain Driving (Cartwright Road, Dry Creek Road, Hwy 55)

  • Additional Highway Driving w/ merging(To Simco Rd).  Cruise Control is also taught.

  • These additional routes might let us pass other cars on 2 lane roads such as Hwy 55.  Passing is rarely ever taught in driver education because most routes don't give the opportunity.

  • Parallel Parking & Backing-up Parking

  • Focuses exclusively on building good defensive driving habits.  The regular teen driving program only introduces these concepts.

  • Also allows more practice doing the basics such as speed control, lane changes, turns, and covering the break (very important because you won't have a passenger brake in your own vehicle). 


Please Note:  If a student is struggling they may not do the enhanced drives.  The 2 extra drives will simply be extra drives to help the student get where they need to be.  It is totally fine to choose the enhanced drives if you feel your student will need basic extra practice and not the enhanced tougher drives.  If you choose the basic course but your student requires extra drives to receive their permit - each extra 1 hour drive is $40.  For example, if you chose the basic course, $425, and your student needs 4 extra hours of practice to receive their permit - the total cost would be $585.  Many parents have chosen the Enhanced Course knowing their student would use the 4 extra hours for basic practice.


When scheduling... simply schedule the 6 normal drives and we will schedule the extra drives at the parent meeting.

All-Comprehensive Teen Course    $530  (includes required IODE online class)

All 3 courses combined for a great price.  Student receives over 12 hours of instruction.  This is the best training course of any school in the state.  Students are not only introduced to more advanced techniques, they also receive the driving time necessary to make those techniques good habits to have forever.  If you don't mind your students teaching you some great new driving tips - this is the course for you.               

Post-Driver Training Teen Evaluation Drive    $80 for 2.5 hours.              

 Many driver education schools give out permits when the student is not ready drive.  Some driver education schools actually consider it bad for the their business if they fail students.  Rather than do extra drives, like we do at Ultra Safe, they give out the permit wishing the parents good luck.  If you are concerned that your student is "not getting it" or they "have tunnel vision", please call or text us to set up a 2 hour evaluation drive.  We will assess if your student received adequate training.  We will also give you fantastic simple tips on how to continue training your teen.  To schedule please message or text us and we will check on availability.    

Post-Driver Training Defensive Driving      $200 for 4.5 hours 

This 4 hour course will teach you everything you should have learned in your driver training.  Most people usually describe defensive driving as "watching out for the other guy".  This is true but there is a lot more to it.  After working for 3 large driving schools in Boise we found students were not taught many simple, effective defensive driving techniques.  The truth is almost all vehicle collisions on the road are avoidable - we give you the tools to fix almost all potential problems you may encounter.  Your student will know more about defensive driving than you.  This course includes 2, 2hr drives and is for any age driver.  To schedule please message or text us and we will check on availability.  [This is not for court-ordered drivers or to reduce points on your license] 

Adult Practice Drives     $80 for 2 hours

This is for teens or adults who have already have their permits or licenses.  $80 for 2 hours.  Starting locations vary.  $15 to $25 for home pickup.  To schedule please message or text us and we will check on availability.                      

Advanced Freeway Training     $300 for 4 hours

Freeway driving is becoming more and more dangerous.  Learn special techniques and strategies not taught anywhere.  You will gain a new perspective and confidence when on the freeway.  To schedule please message or text us and we will check on availability.