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Most of the countries in the world require people to be 18 before getting a license.  In Idaho, if a student takes drivers training at 14 1/2, they can get their license at 15.  You must be 15 1/2 in California to get your permit; 15 in Washington; 15 in Oregon; and 15 in Colorado.  Either Idaho has smarter, more mature teens or there are other reasons they allow 14 1/2 year olds.  Sorry, the truth is there are other reasons.  Perhaps they are political, agricultural, or other - it doesn't matter...are 14 1/2 year olds physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to control a vehicle and make the right decisions on Idaho's roads?  Well, at Ultra Safe we believe most students are not ready to take on the awesome responsibility of driving a vehicle on public roads.  Over the past 12 years we have noticed a disturbing trend - most students simply never look out a window and have virtually no clue about anything related to driving.  Today's youth are not the same as students even 10 years ago.  All teen students are becoming increasingly harder and harder to teach.  While there are exceptions and this may offend some parents - after making many exceptions we are now convinced that driving at 14.5 is not safe.  Being 6 months older does make a difference in how they complete our course and how safe they drive.  Our training program is much more advanced than the average driving schools. 

And lastly simply believing the "earlier they drive the earlier they can learn more about driving" is very unfortunate. 


Here is another observation from 12 years of teaching...Probably 95% of all nervous and high-anxiety students are under 17.  Students 17 and over suffer far less from nervousness or anxiety disorders.  If your student is extremely nervous about driving and is hisitant to take drivers training - please don't push them into drivers training.

And lastly...


What is the point of getting more experience early, if the experience they get is

life-changing or life-ending?  We don't believe in learning from close calls or wrecks - with proper

training and being a litle older we believe there is less chance these things will happen. 


[The only exception is if they received their permit from another driver school and need more training.]

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