At Ultra Safe we believe most students are not emotionally or mentally mature enough to take on the awesome responsibility of driving a vehicle on public roads.  Over the past 12 years we have noticed a disturbing trend - most students simply never look out a window and have virtually no clue about anything related to driving.  Today's youth are not the same as students even 10 years ago.  In addition to this we believe that driving is simply more dangerous than ever.  And lastly our training program is much more advanced than the average driving schools'.  Therefore it is best for students who are a little older.

However, we do make exceptions for students who...

  • Have a law enforcement officer as a parent.  They must have been or are currently working as a traffic cop.  There are many law enforcement jobs that don't involve vehicles and driving.

  • Have grown up on a farm or ranch and have experience driving vehicles with steering wheels.

  • Have a parent who has a Class A or Class B CDL


If you feel your student is capable of taking our training course at 14.5, please text us the reason why.