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Pick-up Option:


We can pick up your student for an additional fee depending on the location.  Please note your student will still drive at the designated locations.  We will drive your student to the designated locations.  The pick-up fee covers extra drive time for the instructor and any extra practice drive time you will get. 


For example...This is the extra time needed for 1 drive if you life in Nampa -


20 minutes to drive to your residence +

20 minutes to drive to the drive location +

20 minutes to drive back to your residence +

20 minutes extra for the instructor to drive back to the location to train the next student


= This equates to an extra 1 hr & 20 minutes of drive for just one drive if you live in Nampa.  The charge in this situation will be $40 (the rate is $30/hr or $10/20 minutes).   


Please note for some of these drive times your student might be able to drive home.  So you will get extra practice time.  This means that your student might get 2.5 to 3 hours of practice drive time.  For example...your student might be able to drive themselves back home to Nampa which means extra practice time.   

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