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Homework Activities

(assuming for 4 total drives, due dates will be adjusted if there are 3 or 6 drives)

Due for 1st drive…(please show sources)

     List 3 statistics involving teen drivers.

     List 3 statistics involving drugged driving.


Due for 2nd Drive...Be able to answer:  How does speeding increase the chance of accidents?


Due for 3rd Drive …Watch a Youtube video of an individual accident and be able to explain what the people involved could have done differently.  (remember most causes of accidents are Speed, Space, Distraction, and visibility.  Please text/email me the link or you can bring it up on your phone.  We will watch the video in the drivers-ed car. 


Due on last Drive.

(to be answered verbally at the beginning of your drive)

  1.  Explain how to take a freeway exit if you have never taken a freeway exit.  Explain how to merge if you've never merged on a particular entrance ramp. 

  2. Explain this bumper sticker…”Your Tailgaiting Distracts Me”.

  3. Explain the 2 main reasons tailgaiting causes accidents.










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