How to Sign Up...

1.  Review the driving schedule below and find 7 drives that it will work for you.  Be sure to look at the drive lengths and locations.  If you have additional questions please scroll down to Extra Information to see if your question is answered.    


2.  Please text us the days and times you are interested in.  We'll send you an invoice to pay for the drives.  After paying we will set up a parent meeting.  Students must come to the parent meeting.  Let us know if you'd like to pay a deposit to reserve the drives and the remainder at the parent meeting.   

3.  After confirmation please go to the DMV.  Please read "When do we go to the DMV?" below.  You can actually go to the DMV anytime but it is best to go after we have confirmed the schedule will work.  required documents for the dmv

Drive Locations and Time Lengths

The drive times listed are for 2 students.  The times will be reduced if your student does not have a partner.  Some students may be able to drive themselves home - please plan on starting and ending and the location listed.

      Drive 1....Total Time:  2 hrs & 30 minutes

                      Location:  Chuckarama Buffet (map)


      Drive 2....Total Time:  3 Hours

                      Location:  Chuckarama Buffet


      Drive 3....Total Time:  3 Hours 

                      Location:  Chuckarama Buffet


      Drive 4....Total Time:  3 Hours

                      Location:  Summit Dental Group off Shoreline and American Blvd (map)


      Drive 5....Total Time:  3 Hours 

                      Location:  Chuckarama Buffet


      Drive 6....Total Time:  3 Hours

                      Location:  Mt. View High School off Overland and Millennium (map)


      Drive 7...Total Time: 2.5 to 3 Hours for 1 student only

                      Location:  Chuckarama Buffet

                             Drive 7 Information

                      - Includes 45 - 60 minute parent observation drive.  

                      - 1 student only.

Driving Schedules

June (1st - 22nd)

The times listed below are the start times for each drive.  Drive times are for 2 students.  Driving time will be reduced if only 1 students signs up for a drive time.  No driving on Sundays.


Driving Days and Starting Times

June 1st to June 4th:  7:30am, 12:30, and 6 

June 8th to June 11:  7:30am, 12:30, and 6

June 15th to June 20th:  7:30am, 12:30, and 6

June 22nd:  7:30am, 12:30, and 6 

Parent Meeting Days and Times...

After paying we will contact you with a list of days

  and times we can meet.  We generally meet in the evenings.

​​​​​​​​Additional Driving and Online Course Information

Driving Course Info ​​​(the online classroom course is discussed below). 

Students do 7 drives.  They start and end at specific locations.  We do not drive on Sundays.  Drives start at specific locations listed below,

but occasionally students can drive themselves home.  

  Why are the drives so long?  Each drive contains in-car classroom lessons.  It is best to teach many

advanced concepts and techniques while in the vehicle.  For example Drive #5 contains 20-25 minutes of freeway information

before entering the freeway.  Students usually do 6.5 - 7 hours of actual driving in our course.  ALL other driving schools only do the required 6 hours. 

Online Course Info

When you have scheduled and paid for the drives we will refer you to IODE which will send you an invite to enroll.  The IODE online course is included

in the teen driving course you choose. 

  Why Take the Online Course

An online classroom course, either Idaho Online Driver Education (IODE) or, is required if you are under 17.  17 and over students can

also take an online course to become a safer driver and help pass the DMV written test - but it is not required.  Both online courses take

approximately 25 hours to complete and both can be done at the student's convenience.  Whichever course is chosen, students can only receive their

permit if the driving portion and online portion are completed.  Although it is encouraged, the driving portion and online portion do not have to be completed

at the same time - each can be completed independently.    

                  vs. IODE - What's the difference?


Common Questions We Receive                                

What is the online course and when can we start it?

  UltraSafe only provides the driving portion of the course.  It is also required that you take a 30 hour class course.  Permits are earned when both the online and driving portions are completed.  You can choose or Idaho Online Driver Education (IODE).  Please see the link below to determine which online course you wish to take.  We recommend IODE. 

  You can start any time - but you must go to the DMV first.  To use IODE, you must pay for the course and then we will refer you to Instructor Brian Johns of IODE and he will enroll your student.  IODE only enrolls students who have decided on a driving school - it is not required to go to the DMV (but you have to in order to drive).  If you are not sure which school you want or when you will be able to drive, then it might be best to use  You can finish the online course anytime - the driving portion is not connected with the online portion.  However, students drive much better if they have finished or almost finished an online course closer to their driving times.

When do we go to the DMV? 

As soon as possible.  If you are not sure which driving school you will choose, please tell the DMV the school district your student is enrolled in.  Permits can be forwarded so don't worry about where it was sent - just remember where it was sent.  Required Documents for the DMV

When can we pay and how?  

We do not offer a "pay now/schedule later" type of service.  You must schedule 7 drives either texting us or following the Bookwhen link above.  When we receive and review your days requested we will send a Paypal invoice.  You can pay at the parent meeting with cash or check but you must pay a minimum $100 non-refundable amount to reserve the drives until you pay at the meeting.  We will send you a new invoice with a deposit amount you feel comfortable paying, or you can send a check via mail - either way the drives you requested will not be reserved until either they deposit or full amount is paid. 

I want to sign up my student for driving in a month or do I do this and what can I start doing now?

  You can message or text us the time frame in which you'd like to drive up to 2 months prior.  We will take your requests into account when creating upcoming monthly schedules.    

  You can always go to the DMV as soon as possible.  Please tell the DMV Ultra Safe driving if you feel confident you will choose Ultra Safe.  If your not sure, just tell them your student's school district.  After going to the DMV you can start immediately.  To do IODE (the better choice), you must first signup with Ultra Safe.   

When are the Drives?

Please see "How to Schedule Drives" above.

How many drives are there?

7 drives for most students in our basic teen program.