Do you want to start the online course first and then schedule drives later?  Or do you want to schedule the drives and start the online as soon as possible?

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Classroom/Online Class, Driving, and Observation Requirements in Idaho...

In Idaho, students 14 1/2 to 16, are required to complete 30 hours of classroom, 6 hours of driving, and 6 hours of observation.  The 30 hours of classroom can be completed using an online course.  Ultra Safe uses IODE - Idaho Online Driver Education.  You can only sign up for IODE through Ultra Safe - you cannot sign up by going to their website. 

You have 2 options on when to do the online course. 

Already started or completed the online course - Please choose Option 2.

Option 1.  You can start the IODE online course at anytime.  Then, when you are ready, you can schedule the driving portion.  Another benefit is you can choose a different driving school to complete the driving portion.  It costs $50 to start the IODE online course without scheduling the driving portion.  A $25 discount will apply to either the Basic Teen or Enhanced Teen driving course when you decide to do the driving portion. 



Option 2.  You can schedule and pay for the driving portion, then begin the online course.  This is ideal if you have time to do both the driving and online portions at the same time.  Doing it this way will save you $25.

Here is a quick video to help you choose...

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