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​​Parent Taught Driver Education Course

(Learn to teach your student)  


**Please note:  You will not have a passenger brake like in a certified driver education vehicle - so it's extremely important you either take this course or hire a professional instructor to teach your child.  Also when you are supervising your child you could be held liable for any violations, injuries, or deaths.  We recommend hiring a professional instructor.


This is for parents of students who are legally able to teach their own kids.  Teaching children how to drive, no matter what age they are, is very challenging to most parents.  We will provide a structured method to help you get started and continue teaching long term.  We will have the lessons in your vehicle (we must make it realistic).  You will learn what to say, what to expect from the student and other drivers, and how to control your own emotions.  You will also learn how to create routes, what to do when things go bad, learn the proper ways to adjust mirrors/seats/headrests/steering wheels, and relearn the driving laws.  There are many other important things to learn before teaching your child.  Teaching your own child could be the most rewarding experience or possibly the most stressful experience of your life.  (Unless your child has a lot of experience driving utv's or golf carts - it is usually extremely stressful for parents.) 


Ultra Safe has many years of experience teaching parents.  For 8 years Ultra Safe has had a required Parent Observation Drive where parents are educated on how to take over supervised driving.  Please keep in mind that this drive was for students who had already completed many drives and already had good driving skills.  It is far more challenging for parents who are teaching children with no driving skills.


It is $75 for a 1.5 hour lesson or $200 for three 1.5 hour lessons. 


Please text us at 208-880-3311 to schedule.


A "New Driver" magnet and a 10 Page Guidance Manual is included.   




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