Click the button below to pay with credit or debit cards.  You do not need a PayPal account.  You can pay with your regular credit or debit card.


The price is a little more because PayPal charges UltraSafe a fee to use this feature (except when using the Pre-Pay Option)  Cash, check, or money order is also payable at the parent meeting.

All Payments Must be made before parent meetings

Pre-pay to schedule drives and receive access code over the phone.  The parent meeting is still mandatory but will be significantly shorter.  This is the best option to get the drives you want.  

Steps for this process...

1.  Please call before paying to make sure your driving times are open.

2.   We will email the policy and contact forms to you.  Please print both forms and sign each page.  Please read the policies.  Call if you have any questions.  By signing each page you acknowledge understanding all the policies.  

3.   Take a picture of each page (3 total) and text or email the photos to 208-863-4154 or">  We will send a confirmation text.  Please bring the signed forms and the DMV receipt to the parent meeting.  

4.  Pay Online clicking here...                        


We will receive a paypal confirmation email.

 5.  We will call you as soon as convenient (we might be driving) to schedule the drives and give the access code.

Coming Soon!!

Not Ready Yet.

Full Course Option  (6 hrs of driving and online course required for under 17 students)  

Full Course with Partner Discount

Enhanced 11 hr Defensive Driving Course.  For under 17 students who wish to learn more and gain more experience.  Includes online course.

6 Hour Driving Only Option (for 17 year olds)

4 Hour Adult Practice Option (for 18 year olds)

2 Hour Adult Practice Drive (19 and older)