Parent Reviews:

     "We all were grateful to Wes for providing us with a safe, reliable, friendly experience for our two twin driving students. We were able to set up a driving lesson with Wes that accommodated our busy schedules and allowed both kids to take their lessons together.  Wes was very flexible and generous with his time.  He has a very logical approach to his drives and gave them tons of defensive driving techniques.  He was attentive to our needs and our kids feelings.  He facilitated getting the drivers permits from another school where we were initially registered when they inadvertently couldn't schedule us without a significant delay.  He takes the parent on the final half drive so that we can see how our student is doing and what to expect.  Wes is good at confirming appointments and also texted me a photo of our exact meeting spot where the lessons were to start. All in all a pleasant and easy experience using Wes and Ultrasafe."  ~ Loretta

     "So happy with Wes and Ultrasafe! My teen son was in good hands with this course and instructor and we could not be happier. Wes has a very calm demeanor and is a great teacher and really knows his stuff. I highly recommend his program and Ultrasafe Advanced Driver's Training. This is a much better way to do driver's training."  ~ Carol G.

     "My son just finished the Ultrasafe Advanced Driver's Ed Course. He was taught how to be a safe and assertive driver. I am very happy with the training he recieved and I would recommend this course to any parents looking for a great driving course for your child."  ~  Kim B.

Student Review: 

   "Before I started this course with Mr.Wes I did not like driving at all. In fact, it terrified me because I didn't trust myself to handle a car properly. The first drive we had, I immediately gained confidence because Mr. Wes was very detailed with his explanations and teachings of all parts that were involved with being alert and driving safe. What I personally thought that set him apart from any other course I had was that there was never a "Awkward" or "Silent" situation in the car that would make someone uncomfortable. He was always engaging with me in conversation about my driving or correcting something I might have done wrong. He's honest and straight forward about the dangers and freedom driving can give someone. I love to drive now, and I feel the safest on the road because of his class. I highly recommend him to anyone that is scared of driving or just doesn't know how to yet. 5/5 Stars!" ~ Justin       [please note Justin already had a driving permit from another state]