and Idaho Online Driver Education are online courses approved by the Idaho DMV.  With both courses it does not matter when you finish them - it is okay to finish the courses after the drives are completed.  If this happens you must bring a stamped envelope to the last drive so we can mail the permit to you.

With both online courses, and no matter which driving school you choose, you must go to the DMV first.  It is the most crucial step in the process.

$99 (paid separately to  You can start anytime after you go to the DMV - even before you choose any driving school.  There is no time limit.  It takes most students 15 to 20 hours to complete.   You may take the final exam as many times as needed to pass the course.  Customer service is very good.  Ultra Safe has used exclusively for the last 3 years without any problems.  The course is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.  You will receive a $25 discount on the driving portion of the course if you choose   

[Note:  When signing up for it will ask you which driving school your going to use - don't worry, this isn't a big deal.  Just choose any driving school if your not sure which one you'll use]


Main reason to choose - If you are not sure which driving school you will choose and you want to get the online portion finished ASAP.

Idaho Online Driver Education (IODE)

$25 (included in the price).  Brand new 30 hour online course.  This online class is closest to having an actual teacher.  Students can still complete this course at their convenience except all activities are evaluated by an actual teacher who can give feedback.  You can only sign up for this course after you have paid for a course.  You do not need to go to the DMV first -  but you'll need to go in order to drive.  You cannot take this course and then decide which driving school to go with.  When you pay we will refer you to IODE which will invite you to enroll.  Customer Service is really good.  You can take the quizzes only twice and the final only once (Owner & Instructor Brian Johns said he would help the students pass if struggling).  IODE was created by retired Idaho Public Driver Education Coordinator Brian Johns - not a corporation.


Main reason to choose IODE? - To save $75 and have a little better classroom education.