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Thank you for checking out Ultra Safe




Please take your time reviewing the Ultra Safe program.  Ultra Safe is not a typical driver education school.  Ultra Safe is the best driver education course in Idaho for a reason - it is very structured and longer than most (21 hrs).  Students complete our course with more driving experience, more driving knowledge, more driving wisdom, and a greater appreciation for the awesome responsibility of driving a vehicle.  Ultra Safe is especially good at helping very nervous/high anxiety students.  If you are browsing for any driving school in order to get a permit as fast and as cheap as possible - Ultra Safe is not for you. Ultra Safe is for students and parents who understand the need for quality training in order to be safer on the roads.

  Helpful Suggestions:

1.  Review the program.  If you like the program then,

2.  Follow the steps precisely.  You will have lot's of questions - you do not need to get all of your questions answered.  Sometimes the more information you have - the more complicated it gets.

3.  Take your time.  Even though signing up a student for driver education isn't exciting, if you rush the process you will get frustated.    

[Students must be at least 15 and masks are required]

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