Basic Teen Program Overview

- Classroom portion is online and can be started and finished anytime. (after         the Basic Teen Course has been purchased).

- There are 6 drives.  Drives cannot be more than 5 days apart.

-  In order for better learning drives start at specific locations. 

   Locations are Steven Henager College (Overland & Cole), Borah High

   School, Summit Dental Group (Shoreline & Americana Blvd), and

   Mt. View High School.

-  The last drive has a mandatory 45 minute parent observation drive.

-  Cost is $350 and includes the Idaho Online Driver Education course.

-  Students must be at least 15 to drive but can start the classroom portion at      14 1/2.


Below are 2 different versions of how to do the assignment How Much Time Would You Save?  The YouTube version you can put on 1.25 or 1.5 speed.

Ultra Safe Advanced Driver Training, 4022 Glendale St., Boise ID, 83703  208-863-4154

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