Our Recommendation - Go to the DMV as soon as possible and take a snapshot of this page for future reference.

17 and under Students

Please go to the DMV located at 400 N Benjamin Ln # 102 to get your instruction permit.  DMV Phone number:  208-577-3135.  


Required Documents for the DMV...


1. Proof of Age and Identity:  If you do not have a state-issued ID card then you must bring...

  The original birth certificate and a school photo ID card or yearbook.

2. Social Security Card or Number for Verification.  It's okay if you don't have the card, but you do need the number.  The DMV will verify it.

3. Proof of Idaho Residency.  Pay stub, utility bills, school enrollment records are all acceptable.  (I would bring at least 2 items just in case.)

4. Acceptable Lawful Presence Documents (if applicable)

5. Foreign Driver’s License (if applicable)

6. Visual/Medical Certification (if applicable)

7. Driver Training Completion (if under 17) This applies only when finished with Driver's Ed.

8. Liability Signer (if under 18).  Birth parent or legal guardian must sign paperwork.

9. Verification of School Compliance "VOC" (if under 18) Available at your school.  Your student can get this from the school secretary.  Home schooled students won't have a VOC - tell the DMV your homeschooled.


The DMV will ask which driving school you are using...

If you are certain you will choose Ultra Safe then please tell the DMV "Ultra Safe Advanced Driver Training".  "Ultra Safe" will probably be fine - they have a list of schools in their computer. 

If you are not sure which school you will use, please tell them the school district your student attends (such as West Ada or Boise Schools).  Bring the DMV receipt to the parent meeting.

Homeschooled?  Tell the DMV "My student is homeschooled".


18 and over Students

Please look at the list above excluding #7, #8, and #9.

And get some free copies of Idaho Drivers Manuals! 

You should get one copy to keep at home and one copy for each vehicle in the household.