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Our Mission

     NO MORE DEATHS      





Driving should not be life-changing or life-ending


Ultra Safe is the most advanced driver training school in Idaho.   We believe that with desire, knowledge, and discipline most collisions and stressful situations are avoidable.  Our program is designed for parents and students who want more training, more information, and a more individualized approach to driver training.   We are a Christian company.  Driving is more than just controlling a machine - it is a social activity.  The tenets of Christianity - patience, forgiveness, kindness, and self-discipline are promoted and practiced.  Students learn that safe driving is not or should not be a selfish endeavor, but a way of helping our fellow human beings.    

      Wes Hult, owner & instructor

Overview of our program and why Ultra Safe is better, safer, and more advanced than typical driving schools 

  • More Practice Time Behind-the-Wheel...Students drive 10 drives on specifically designed routes.  Students drive a minimum 11 hours compared to 5.5 hrs in other schools.  Students also receive over 10 hours of defensive driving instruction.  This means your student receives 21 hours of one-on-one instruction.  The routes are specifically designed to progressively challenge the student. 


  • Safer After Driver Education...Part of our program is designed to prepare students for driving with their parents.  Students learn how to be more proactive in their driving by asking questions and thinking ahead rather than waiting for instructions.  This adds a level of difficulty not found in other driving schools but it greatly prepares students for supervised driving with their parents.  Parents are also required to ride along for 1 to 2 hours and receive a 10 page instruction manual on how to take over supervising their student.  Students also learn what is expected on the driving Skills Test. 


  •  Online Classroom...To make the classroom instruction more efficient each student receives 10 hrs of in-car classroom instruction.  Students have 90 days to complete the online course.  Students can finish the online course in as little as 6 days.

  • Extra Time...We allocate extra time on the drives for parents running late or if a student needs an extra 15-30 minutes of instruction.  Since we are not an assembly-line style of school there is much more flexibility.  Also many times we do extra drives for free or at a discount.


  • More Freeway - The freeway is getting crazy.  Our students get over 30 miles of freeway practice - no other company does this.  Each freeway drive includes observing the instructor drive on the freeway for 20 minutes, a custom 5 page outline of what to expect, as well as 25 minutes of specific in-car instruction just before the getting on the freeway.  We make sure our students are prepared.  We also teach advanced merging techniques not taught anywhere.   


  • SAFER... We implement defensive driving techniques as soon as we hit the road.  By constantly adjusting our speed, lane position, staggered position, and following distance we create space and options to minimize risk.  Also our cars are modified with additional turn signals, extra bright additional LED brake lights, and neon green magnets to help people see us.  We driving the same routes which makes the drives safer because the instructor knows of any upcoming hazards or stressful situations.  We drive with our lights on at all times and use turn signals early and also when we are not required to.  Our pull-outs are safer - When students pull out on the road they are taught the "launch position" technique which provides a smoother faster pullout onto a road.  It's important when pulling out onto a road to accelerate quickly because everybody drives fast these days.  This is not taught at other schools.  We are safer when going straight on green lights - we have a simple advanced technique to prevent getting hit by someone running a red light.  We have a different unique technique to completing 4-way stops much safer.     


  • Parent Ride-Alongs - UltraSafe is the only private driving school to allow parents to ride along on any part, or all of the drives!  We have nothing to hide.  We are perfectly fine if you want to come along on a drive.


  • Parent Observation Drive - Very Important! - Many parents might scoff at the idea of riding along but every parent we've ever had has been very thankful for the observation drive.  We give extremely helpful tips and strategies on how to take over supervising.  These include:  being patient, helping gauge traffic lights, deciding when to pull out, how to give directions, how to choose routes, what to do when things go bad, letting the little things go, how to progressively challenge and evaluate the students, and many many more.  And of course you will have the opportunity to see first hand our defensive driving instruction and observe your student's strengths and weaknesses before they drive with you.  Some programs have a parent observation drive but it is included in the 6 hour driving requirement.  Ultra Safe's parent observation drive is an additional practice at no extra cost. 


  • Highly Qualified Instructor - Very Important!  Your student will be trained exclusively by a 13 year veteran instructor who can accurately evaluate their progress.  This is important because being taught by more than one instructor makes it harder to determine progress and address struggling areas.  Your student should not be taught by more than one instructor.  Also, we drive our driver training vehicles without taking the "Drivers Education" signs off the car.  With many programs the instructors take the "Driver Education" signs off the vehicles so they can speed and do the very things they just told their students not to do.  We are not hypocrite instructors.  We practice what we preach (Matthew 23:2-3). 

  • Advanced Driving Concepts Not Taught Anywhere - Even though your student may be struggling to "keep it between the lines" we still discuss advanced concepts to think about, debate, and practice as they become more proficient with the basics.  We've taught many students who have used other driver schools and so far, not one student has demonstrated any advanced defensive driving knowledge.  Students learn how to identify risk, prioritize risk, determine the type of possible collision, decide which reactive defensive driving maneuver we might do, and most importantly determine the pro-active defensive driving technique that could easily prevent the reactive maneuver.  Pro-active defensive driving is much more important than reactive defensive driving.  

  • We teach special populations.  We've taught students with autism, anxiety disorders, and stroke victims.  If a student is *capable of learning, we will not stop teaching them if they are struggling.  It is not guaranteed - but we try to teach everybody to best of our ability.  If simple concepts are not learned after repeated instruction - it may not be time to learn how to drive.  If a persons cognitive abilities or brain-development is impeding learning - continued practice may not be practical or safe at that time.  Example...most students only need 1 parking lot drive before entering light roads.  Some students need 2 parking lot drives.  If your student needs 3 or more parking lot drives - this could be a sign that continued training may not be practical or safe at that time.  Also keep in mind the older the students - the better they will do.

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