Our Mission

     NO MORE DEATHS      





Driving should not be life-changing or life-ending

Ultra Safe is the most advanced driver training school in Idaho.   Our program is designed for parents and students who desire more training, more information, and a more individualized approach to driver training.   Our focus is quality - not quantity.  That's why each student gets over 15 hours of 1 on 1 training behind the wheel.   

We want students to learn safe driving from effective training - not their own bad experiences.     

      Wes Hult, owner & instructor


Why Ultra Safe is better, safer,

and more advanced than typical driving schools

  • More Practice Time Behind-the-Wheel - Students drive a minimum 7 hours compared to 6 hrs in other schools.  Students also receive over 7 hours of defensive driving instruction.  This means your student receives 15 hours of one-on-one instruction.  Also, if your student is struggling we will do 2 hours of free driving to help them get where they need to be.  Most schools charge $50 per hour for additional training.  

  • We can teach anybody.  Most driving school are too structured to provide personalized or additional instruction to special populations.  We've taught many students who have severe ADHD, autism, and general learning disabilities.  [Please keep in mind that we will teach until they meet the driving proficiency requirements - this could mean additional drives might be necessary.] 

  • Most students can drive themselves home on at least 1 drive.  Other benefits include extra time allotted on the drives for parents running late or if a student needs an extra 15-30 minutes of instruction.  Since we are not an assembly-line style of school there is much more flexibility.  Also many times we do extra drives for free or at a discount - money isn't everything.


  • More Freeway - The freeway is getting crazy.  Our students get over 30 miles of freeway practice - no other company does this.  Each freeway drive includes a custom 5 page outline of what to expect and potential problems as well as 25 minutes of specific in-car freeway instruction just before the getting on the freeway.  We make sure our students are prepared. 


  • Time Saving - Classroom instruction is online which means no driving across town to drop off and pick up your student.  Students complete the online course at their own pace and convenience.  To make the classroom instruction more efficient each student receives 7 hrs of in-car classroom instruction.  Most conventional physical classrooms only teach by-the-book.  We go above and beyond by teaching real world strategies that nobody teaches - nobody! 


  • SAFER - We teach and utilize important (and simple) concepts that keep us safer than any other driver education school.  We have taught students that have gone through public and private driving schools and so far no student has been taught the defensive driving techniques we teach.  Also by having specific routes we can have students drive in more challenging areas without sacrificing safety.  Many schools start at various locations and then just wonder around.


  • Parent Ride-Alongs - UltraSafe is the only private driving school to allow parents to ride along on any part, or all of the drives!  We have nothing to hide.  We are perfectly fine if you want to come along on a drive.


  • Parent Observation Drive - Very Important! - Many parents might scoff at the idea of riding along but every parent we've ever had has been very thankful for the observation drive.  We give extremely helpful tips and strategies on how to take over supervising.  These include:  being patient, helping gauge traffic lights, deciding when to pull out, how to give directions, how to choose routes, what to do when things go bad, letting the little things go, how to progressively challenge and evaluate the students, and many many more.  And of course you will have the opportunity to see first hand our defensive driving instruction and observe your student's strengths and weaknesses before they drive with you.  Some programs have a parent observation drive but it is included in the 6 hour driving requirement.  Ultra Safe's parent observation drive is an additional practice at no extra cost. 


  • Highly Qualified Instructor - Very Important!  Your student will be trained exclusively by a 12 year veteran instructor who can accurately evaluate their progress.  This is important because being taught by more than one instructor makes it harder to determine progress and address struggling areas.  Your student should not be taught by more than one instructor.  Also, we drive our driver training vehicles without taking the "Drivers Education" signs off the car.  With many programs the instructors take the "Driver Education" signs off the vehicles so they can speed and do the very things they just told their students not to do.  We are not hypocrite instructors.  We practice what we preach (Matthew 23:2-3).


  • Customized Instruction - All students start at different skill levels and progress at different rates.  Ultra Safe takes this into account for a more customized instruction.  We do whatever it takes for students to reach driving proficiency.  There is no student we cannot teach.


  • Flexibility - No Assembly Line Feeling   Most driving schools have strict schedules where there is little flexibility.  If a parent is late, the student's drive is shortened and the drives cannot go longer than planned because there are more students to teach.  With Ultra Safe it is okay if your late and many drives go longer than planned simply because we enjoy teaching. 


  • Student Progress Updates For Parents - Receive text notifications of student progress, problem areas, and overall assessment. 


  • Real World Driving Experiences -  We don't take the easy routes.  The Enhanced Course is above and beyond any driving school.


  • Responsibility and accountability are promoted at Ultra Safe.  We do not point fingers, criticize other drivers, or play the blame game - no victims here.  We also encourage ethical driving, forgiveness, and perspective so that we can do our part to help others in the driving community.    


  • Advanced Driving Concepts Not Taught Anywhere - Even though your student may be struggling to "keep it between the lines" we still discuss advanced concepts to think about, debate, and practice as they become more proficient with the basics.

  • Post-Driving Help - To prepare students for driving with parents and other people.  Students learn how to ask for directions, how to make your passengers feel less stress, and how driving will actually be in the real world.