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Driving School Price Comparison (as of 10/9/23)


Name of School   Total Time Driving/Total Time in the Car     Cost for Teens     Cost for 2 Hours of Adult/Extra Practice

Idaho Driving School           6 Hrs/12 Hrs                                 $600                                        $175

ABI Driving School               6 Hrs/12 Hrs                                 Not Listed                               Not Listed

GC Driving Academy            6 Hrs/12 Hrs                                $425                                        Not Listed

All About Safe Driving          6 Hrs/12 Hrs                                 $400                                       $150 for 1.5 hrs

Treasure Valley Driving         6 Hrs/12 Hrs                                $450                                        $180

Hawkins Driver Education    6 Hrs/12 Hrs                                $550                                       $150 for 1.5 hrs

**Phillips Driving School        6 Hrs/12 Hrs                               $480                                       Not Listed

Nampa Driving Academy      6 Hrs/12 Hrs                          $475 online/$575 classroom        $160 for 2 hrs

Arrowhead Driving School     6 Hrs/12 Hrs                                $360                                      Not Listed

Away We Go                          6 Hrs/12 Hrs                             Not Listed                                 Not Listed


DRIVER TRAINING      12 Hrs and 21 Hrs 1-on-1 Total time in the car  -     $700                      $80 for 2.5 hrs ($220 for 7.5 hrs)

Cost Per Hour of Actual Driving For Teens


Idaho Driving School  $100

ABI   Not Listed

GC Driving Academy  $71

All About Safe Driving   $57

Treasure Valley Driving  $75

Hawkins Driver Education  $92

Phillips Driving School   $80

Nampa Driving Academy  $79 online or $96 if you take the classroom option

Arrowhead Driving School  $60

Ultra Safe Advanced Driver Training   $58

**Phillips is $50 for Kuna School District and Nampa School District students.  The school is subsidized by Idaho tax payers.  It is cheap, however there is a long waiting list.  Some of our students have claimed a 6 to 12 month waiting list.  $480 is for non Kuna and Nampa students.  

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