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How to Schedule the Drives and Pay

​​Step 1.    Make sure the drive lengths, locations, and days & times work for you.  Please review "Drive Lengths, Locations, and Days of the Week" below.  There are 10 drives.  The last drive has a mandatory 1 hour parent observation part (the last drive is 3 hours total).  We can do home pick-up but there is a transportation fee.  The fee amount is based on time driving to your residence, time driving to the location, time driving back to your residence, and time driving from your residence.  Some parents do home pick-up but can meet at the drive locations when the lesson ends. If your student is in sports - please postpone scheduling till after they are finished with their season.

Pro Tip:  Before starting the Driving Schedule Preference Form...write down days & times that your student can or cannot drive for the next 5 to 6 weeks.  Note any birthdays, sporting events, or other event that might interfere.  Then circle the days & times that your student will have transportation to the drive locations.  [If you or a spouse cannot take your student to a drive location please consider asking other family members.]  Then choose the options on the Preference Form that represent your circled times.


Step 2.   Click on the Driving Schedule Preference Form (link at bottom).  We will create a schedule based on your chosen preferences.  Please keep in mind all 10 drives need to be finished within 6 weeks of the first drive, and there cannot be more than 5 full days between drives for the first 7 drives (the 8th, 9th, and 10th drives can be spread out a little more).  If your driving preferences are very limited - like "Mondays between 3 and 4; and Saturdays between 9 and 10' - your student may not be scheduled.  


We can then schedule a Meet & Greet via text.  These meetings are optional but they do help students (or parents) who are nervous and want to learn more about the instructor or the program.  Meet & Greets are 60 minutes at a local coffee shop.  You can also get to know the instructor (me) on youtube with this link...


Paying... After the driving schedule is confirmed we will email a PayPal invoice (bill).  The email contains important information including the policies and refund information.      




Drive Lengths, Locations, and Days of the Week

​​Drive Lengths

Drives are 2 hours  to  2.5 hours.  If 2 friends or siblings sign up to drive together then the drives will be

3.5 to 4 hours each.  The last drive, Drive 10, includes a parent observation portion.  For solo students the last drive is 3 hrs.  For paired students the last drive is 5 hrs.  Paired students can do the last drive on separate days.      


Drive Locations

Ultra Safe does not start at random locations and then drift around like most driving schools - each drive is specifically planned to challenge the student with new driving scenarios.  Also driving the same routes helps make the drives much safer.  Some of the routes overlap so the student can see how much they've improved.

The locations below may be arranged differently based on the student's abilities and progress.  


​      Drive 1.... Old Idaho Transportation Department on State St and Whitewater Park Blvd across from the Jack in the Box.                                This is the old location.  Meet in the large back parking lot.  This is the parking lot drive.  See picture below.


      Drive 2....Chuckarama Buffet by Edwards 21 Theatre


      Drive 3....Chuckarama Buffet

      Drive 4....Chuckarama Buffet


      Drive 5....Chuckarama Buffet

      Drive 6....St. Lukes Orthopedic Surgery Center. 14th and River St. 

      Drive 7...Chuckarama Buffet

      Drive 8...Chuckarama Buffet (Freeway Drive)

      Drive 9...Chuckarama Buffet or other agreed upon location                                       

      Drive 10...Location:  Chuckarama Buffet

                                         Includes a parent observation portion.  For solo students the last drive is 3 hrs.  For paired 

                                         students the last drive is 5 hrs.  Paired students can do the last drive on separate days.

                                         Students cannot get their permit until the parent drive is completed.


Usual Driving Days and Times Ultra Safe Teaches

We normally drive Monday thru Friday starting at 10am and ending at 11:00pm.  Saturdays are reserved for make-up drives and adult/teen practice drives.  Driving late at night is actually quite nice because there is far less traffic.   

Scheduling Page



Overview of driver training 

Scheduling & Paying for the drives 

Drive Lengths & Locations



Overview of the Entire Driver Training Process


1.  Go to the DMV as soon as possible to get the permit. 


You must go to the DMV to do driver training in any driver training school.   This includes the online or in-person classroom portion.  You must go to the DMV to do any part, classroom or driving portion of driver training.  

Tell the DMV Ultra Safe Advanced Driver Training ("Ultra Safe").  Go to the DMV Page for more information on what to take with you.  If you are not sure what driving school you will choose - tell the DMV your school district.  If you are home schooled - tell them your school district.  It doesn't matter where the permit will be sent.  Driving schools mail permits to each other all the time. 

STOP!! - Do Not Proceed If You Have Not Gone to the DMV

We are trying to save you a headache - It is best to do driver training one step at a time.  The more you try to learn all at once - the more you will get confused.  Please re-read

Step 1 above, click on the DMV Page link if you need extra information, and then go to the DMV.  You must go to the DMV before doing the classroom or driving portion with ANY driving school.


2.  After going to the DMV, there are 2 options.   


Option A - Start the online course before signing up for the driving portion ($50).   This is a good option if your not sure which driving school you will go with.  Most driving schools will honor the IODE online course if you choose to go a different route.  

You can click on the link below or text us a request to sign up for Idaho Online Driver Education (IODE). 

You can also schedule the driving portion at any time after your student has started the online course.  Simply follow the steps "How to Schedule the Drives and Pay" below.    


      Online Only Signup Link  or 208-880-3311...simply text "I'm interested in signing up for the

        online class only". 


       Click Here for more information on Option A.



Option B - Schedule the drives now and then start the online course soon after that; then we can schedule a 1 hour Meet & Greet (this is optional).  Option B is a good choice if you definitively want to use Ultra Safe and have a fairly open schedule to complete the driving portion. 


If this is what you want -  Please follow the steps for "How to Schedule the Drives and Pay" below.  

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