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"I am on a journey just like you"


September 2022,  325 lbs

My Inspiration:  I've been over 300 lbs for 10 years.  In January 2022 I started Keto*.  I lost 15 lbs in one year - not very much.  Then in January 2023 my weight and sedentary life caught up to me - I suffered from a massive disc herniation.  Actually it's what's called a disc sequestration.  A herniation is when the spongy disc between your vertebrae pops out and hits a nerve.  Although very painfull, its not too bad if you rest and do some physical therapy.  However, a disc sequestration is where part of the spongy disc actually breaks off inside your body.  I had disc fragments floating around in my spine.  The nuerosurgeon said I would need surgery.  NOPE!!  Not at 45 years old.  One year later I've lost 65 lbs and am nearly 90% healed.  I believe that with knowledge, discipline, and desire you too can change your life.

My Bio and Education:  I've lived in Idaho since 1989.  I became ISSA Personal Training certified in 2003.  I worked for one year at Anytime Fitness.  I graduated with an education degree from BSU in 2006.  Since then I have been trying to lose weight and become a trainer again.  I understand what it feels like to constantly fail.  Now that I am older I understand people better.  Along with my back injury I can relate to what people are going through much better than when I was in my 20's.  I am a Christian.  I eat a ketovore diet.  I've been a driver education instructor for 13 years.  I am currently certified through ISSA.  

My training sessions are designed to educate and give you a simple, yet effective workout.  I dont believe in complicated exercises you'll never do on your own.  


  • Sessions are 1 to 2 hrs - whatever works with your schedule.

  • 2 to 4 training sessions per week - 3 is optimal.   

  • I can train from  Monday to Friday 5:30am to 9pm,  

      Saturdays from 9am to 5pm.

  • *12 sessions (app. 1 month)  -  $600

  • 18 sessions  - $850 ($50 savings)

  • 24 sessions  - $1050 ($150 savings)

  • 36 sessions (app. 3 months)  - $1500 ($300 savings)

*Most gyms do not list the prices.  This is because the cost is usually at least $75 per 1 hour session - ouch!  Training should not be for the rich.  My most expensive program is $50 per 1 to 2 hour session.  And in training...cost does NOT equal quality.    


Please call or text 208-863-4154.  We can schedule a meet & greet to learn about the training benefits and learn about me. 

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