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Our Training Courses

Teen Driving Basic Course   $425 includes online course. 

This is for students 17 and under and have not taken a driver education course.  $425 total if you decide to finish the online course first before scheduling.  You will receive a $75 Paypal invoice for the Idaho Online Driver Education online course, and a $350 invoice for the driving portion when finished.  The online course takes an average of 20 hours to complete.  Click on "How to Sign Up" above and follow the prompts.  It is an extra $50 to schedule early before finishing the online course.  The driving portion is $400 if you use a different online classroom course besides Idaho Online Driver Education (IODE).


This is for students at least 15 who wish to get their supervised permit and eventually their Class D Drivers License.   Although it says basic, our course is above and beyond typical driver training programs.  Students drive a minimum of 7 hours and are introduced to enhanced defensive driving techniques including advanced scanning techniques, risk assessment & prioritization, lane position analysis, driver psychology, road/highway structure and design, problems with certain laws, the factors involved in collisions, secret techniques not taught anywhere, and many other topics.  Students also learn very useful information known only by Class A CDL truckers and motorcyclists. 

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    Program Overview


  • There are 7 drives.  Currently we are only scheduling 1 student in the car at a time (unless they are siblings or friends).    

  • Drives are 2 hours long.  With the required parent observation drive students get almost 15 hours of in-car training.

  • Drives start at specific locations listed on the scheduling page.  We can do home or school pick-up for an extra fee. 

  • The last drive includes a required 60 minute parent observation drive and course wrap-up.  This is extremely helpful for when you begin to supervise your student after driver training. 

  • The Enhanced Course is even better and a great deal.  Most schools would charge over $650 for enhanced driving (if they even offered it).  Students get 4 additional hours of even more diverse and challenging routes for $600.  Text us if you are interested.

  • Boise High students and Enhanced Course students are taught parallel parking.



Enhanced Teen Driving    $550 includes the online.

This is for students 17 and under and have not taken a driver education course.  You will receive a Paypal invoice for $75.  Once the online is finished you will receive a Paypal invoice of $450 (you must schedule the drives first).  The online course takes an average 20 hours to complete.  Go to "Scheduling" above and follow the prompts.  It is an extra $50 to schedule early before finishing the online course.



More driving with us means safer driving when you begin supervised driving.  The Enhanced Course includes the Teen Basic Course with 4 additional hours (2 drives) where students will drive in more challenging environments, have more time to fine-tune their skill before driving with parents, and have more opportunity to make defensive driving a habit.  This is a great cost-saving option if you feel your student will need more than 7 drives (additional practice drives are $50/hr).  We will also be able to discuss more driving laws and other important information.  Students receive their permit after the 7 regular drives, then the student will do the 2 additional enhanced drives whenever their schedule allows which will apply to their 50 hour supervised driving requirement.  This is the best deal in all driver education.   

We can do anything you want.  We usually do the following...

  • Additional Highway Driving w/ merging (To Simco Rd).  Cruise control is taught.  Passing vehicles is also taught.  It is very rare for driver education students to speed up and pass another vehicle.  Students will purposely feel rumble strips. 

  • Additional City Driving with parallel parking.

  • GPS Driving  -  Driving using a GPS can be very challenging.  It is important for students to know how to take directions from a gps.  We use a high quality Garmin GPS.

  • Other areas might include Hidden Springs, Harris Ranch, Eagle, and Highway 55.

  • Left turns into the center turn lane/merging from the center turn lane.

  • Thru-turns, peripheral vision driving exercises, and enhanced scanning, evaluating, and anticipating of potential problems.  Also "timing" exercises where students must use precise timing in order to not stop on a roadway, such as turning left between the gaps of oncoming vehicles (like Orchard St. where there is no center turn lane).

  • Focuses exclusively on building good defensive driving habits.  The regular teen driving program only introduces these concepts.

  • Also allows more practice doing the basics such as speed control, lane changes, turns, and covering the break (very important because you won't have a passenger brake in your own vehicle). 

     After scheduling the 7 regular drives we will schedule the 2 additional enhanced drives.




If you are 17 & under and have a permit...

For the Driving Courses below - The drives will start at specific locations and you must have a permit.  Let us know if you need to be picked up.  A transportation fee will vary based on where you need to be picked up.  Most Drives start at Steven Henager College or Chuckarama off Overland & Cole Rd. 

If you are an adult please go to this website:

Teen Practice Drives   $100 for 2 - 2.5 hours

   This drive can focus on whatever your want:  Parking, freeway, defensive driving, basic vehicle control, etc. 


3 Drive Value Package  $225 for 3 drives (2 hours each)

   This is good if your teen needs refresher drives or is interested in learning some good defensive driving techniques.



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