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  Our Training Courses

Advanced Teen Driving Course   $650 includes online course. 

This is for students 15 or 16 and have not taken a driver education course.   The driving portion is $600 if you use a different online classroom course besides Idaho Online Driver Education (IODE).  CLICK HERE to sign up.  

Description of Course


Students drive a minimum of 21 hours and are introduced to enhanced defensive driving techniques including advanced scanning techniques, risk assessment & prioritization, lane position reference points, driver psychology, road/highway structure and design, problems with certain laws, the factors involved in collisions, secret techniques not taught anywhere, and many other topics.  Students also learn very useful information known only by Class A CDL truckers and motorcyclists. 

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    Specific Drive Information


  • There are 10 drives.  Currently we are only scheduling 1 student in the car at a time (unless they are siblings or friends).    

  • Drives are 2 hrs to 2 hrs and 15 minutes long.  With the required parent observation drive on the last drive students get

  • almost 22 hours of in-car training.

  • Drives start at specific locations listed on the scheduling page.  We can do home or school pick-up for an extra fee. 

  • The last drive includes a required 60 minute parent observation drive and course wrap-up.  This is extremely helpful for when you begin to supervise your student after driver training. 

Other Courses

(must have a permit or license for all options)

17 Year Old Students With a Permit But Have NOT Taken Driver Training  $425  

Students must take our 7 Drive Course.  It is similar to our 10 Drive Course for younger students but only 7 drives.  17 year old students learn faster and take driver training more seriously. 

Teen and Adult students who have a permit   $80 for 2 - 2.5 hours

   This is for teens 14.5 to 17 who have completed driver training and adults with a permit.  This drive can focus on whatever you want:  Parking, freeway, defensive driving, basic vehicle control, etc


3 Drive Value Package  $200 for 3 drives (2 hours each)

   For teens 14.5 to 17 who have completed driver training (driving and classroom) and adults who have a permit.  This is good if your teen needs refresher drives or is interested in learning some good defensive driving techniques.  This is also good for adults.  There is a 7 Drive Package available after you have finished this 3 Drive Package.  

2 Drive Rehabilitation Drive for Individuals Who've Had a Traumatic Experience  $100 (4 hours total)

  It is easy to lose confidence and be hesitant to drive after a collision.  For the first drive you will ride along as a passenger to observe the simple techniques to avoid future collisions and reduce anxiety.  You will learn about space management, good selfish driving, the foundations of defensive driving, how to identify potential risks and reduce risks (solve potential problems), and vehicle safety features.  The defensive driving skills and knowledge that are taught are far beyond anything in any textbook, video, or class.  You will drive on the second drive implementing what you've learned and start to build new, better habits.  Each drive is 2 hours.

  Text us at 208-880-3311 to schedule or CLICK HERE.      

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