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 Openings - Updated 4/28

If there are openings that will work for you - please go back and review our program

to see if Ultra Safe is right for you.



1.  Drives begin and end at specific locations.  For the teen 10-Drive program we start driving from Overland and Cole, State & Whitewater, and 14th and River (most are from Overland and Cole).  Adults start at various locations.

2.  Times listed below are start times.  Drives are 2 hrs to 2.5 hours long. 

No Sunday Drives


May, June, July

As of 4/28/24.  List is NOT updated regularly.


May, June, and July are completely open.


For teens looking to get there permits we drive Monday - Friday 10am to 9p.

For adults with a permit that need practice drives we drive Monday - Saturday.

Please click on How to Sign Up above and follow the steps.



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