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5 Easy Winter Driving Tips THAT WORK! (and other great tips)

Use these winter driving tips to drive safer all year - not just 3 months of the year.

1. Is it necessary to drive? If so leave earlier. For every 1 mile you travel you should add 3-5 minutes to your normal driving time.

2. Whether a red light, stop sign, yielding, or other situation begin slowing down sooner so you don't slide into the intersection or another car. Also begin slowing down earlier before you start to enter a center turn lane. Center turn lanes are less traveled and usually have worse traction.

3. Keep more following distance. The recommended following distance during good driving conditions is at least 3 seconds. When you feel you have good following distance - increase it even more. You should add 1 second of following distance to the standard following distance formula.

Following Distance Formula

Normal Driving Conditions -

Start with 3 seconds of following distance for speeds up to 30 mph. Then add 1 second for each additional 10 mph. So at 80 mph you should have 8 seconds of following distance.

Winter Driving Conditions -