What Makes My Driving Safer Than Other Drivers?

I've often asked myself what makes my driving safer than others? Or more bluntly, what makes me a better driver than other people? Do I pay attention more? Probably. But many drivers keep their eyes on the road just as much as myself. Do I have more incentive to drive safe? Yes. I'm not going to lie a good part of my income comes from teaching people how to drive. Do I understand the laws more than other drivers? Yes. But not all problem scenarios are addressed by a law. Sometimes the laws fail because they only address part of a problem. The majority of drivers understand the laws that count. I've observed these major concepts... 1. I'm not a speed demon. I plan out my day giving my

How to Motivate Your Student To Take Drivers Education

Remind them that after getting their permit (if they are 14 1/2 to 16 1/2) they need to do a mandatory 6 months of supervised driving with a licensed driver 18 or over. This means no going to the movies with friends or taking out a date. Try to get them thinking about all the cool things they can do with a drivers license. This could be going to the gym by themselves, dates, sporting events, school events, concerts, shopping, road trips, comicons, hunting, whatever you can think of. Plant some thoughts into their heads. Trust me - they'll think about it. Talk to them more and more in the car when you take them places. I would love to have someone drive me places and pick me up as long a

Why Don't Driving Instructors Teach Parking?

It is true that most teenagers and many adults do not know how to park. The reason I don't spend a lot of time teaching parking is because there are only 6 hours to teach students as much as possible about driving. I urge the need to learn good parking because a bad parking job can lead to a fender bender, which can lead to stress, which will lead to distracted driving and possibly a more serious fender bender. After driver education all students under 17 must partake in a supervised driving period of 50 hours in no less than 6 months with a licensed adult. During this time parking should be practiced. 6 hours is simply not enough time to cover everything so instructors have to focus on

How to Choose a Driver Education School - 6 Things to Look At

1. When you are in your vehicle try to watch the drivers ed cars in traffic. Is the instructor talking to the students and pointing at things? I have found there is always something to talk about at a stop light. Also is the instructor talking on the phone? This isn't good. Does the instructor have a clipboard in their lap? This means the instructor is writing things down while the student is driving. This is unsafe as the instructors should have their eyes on the road just as much as the students. Is the instructor sitting far away from the dash? A rule of instructing is to sit close enough to the dash that you can easily grab the steering wheel if necessary. Sometimes sitting to

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