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     Quality Training = Quality Results

  • Only 6 High Quality Real World Drives    

  • 30-60 minutes of additional behind-the-wheel training 

  • Easy Online Options for Convenience & Flexibility

  • Finish Within 2 Weeks of First Drive

  • Parent Observation Drive For Extra Safety

  • Many Other Benefits Below

What We're About...

We specialize in defensive driving.  "Keep your eyes on the road" is good advice but there is a lot more to it. Identifying potential problems is a major focus of the course.  Most driving schools focus on vehicle control and rules of the road.  We believe defensive driving is probably the most critical.  Many drivers learn defensive driving techniques through years of experience and possibly serious car accidents.  What they don't understand is there are a few basic principles of defensive driving that apply to almost any driving situation.  Some laws, such as Following to Closely, reflect defensive driving.  But for the most part there aren't very many laws specificaly designed for when others don't follow the laws.  We believe in immediately jumping into "advanced" techniques and principles.  The students don't even realize they are learning vehicle control and rules of the road while they are analyzing the road for hazards.  

  The homework in the class is designed to make the student think rather than transfer knowledge from a book to paper.  Here is a sample questions..."In what way is a Harley Davidson motorcycle safer than an electric car?"      

Option 2:  Prepay to get your drives scheduled before the parent meeting.  This is the best option if you have a very busy schedule (school sports, clubs, work, etc.)  The Policy, Contact, and Schedule Forms will be emailed.  After you sign and send back a snapshot of the forms a PayPal invoice will be emailed ($5 charge is included).  Your driving schedule will be temporarily reserved - you will have 3 days to pay the invoice.  *When you pay, your schedule is locked in.  We will still have a meeting to turn in signed forms, receive access code and meet your instructor.  Students are required to attend.

Here is a list of driving blocks.  2 students drive in each block for 3 to 3.5 hrs (1.5 -1.75 hrs each).  Students can ONLY drive 1 block per day.  Please view or print the official Schedule Form.  It has information on the parent observation drive and locations.  THIS IS ALL FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED.  After you request specific days & times (and they have been confirmed available) you will have 3 days to pay for the course.  After 3 days the the days & times requested will be available to other students.

Yes.  Prepay allows for early scheduling if you have a busy schedule.  We still need to have quick parent meeting at least 2 weeks before the first drive.  To pay in advance you must...

-Call first to see what drive times are available.  If your desired schedule is available we will email you Policy Form, Parent Contact Form, and Schedule Form.  

-Print and sign each page of the Policy and Contact forms.  Please text or email a snapshot of each page to 208-863-4154 or  Some parents have PDF'd the forms.  

-Please fill out the Scheduling Form.  You do not have to print or sign it but please send a snapshot or PDF of it.


-After we send you a confirmation text, we will send you a PayPal invoice via email.  Please pay using a credit card or debit card.  You do not need a PayPal account.  (The cost will be $5 more because PayPal charges a fee)


-When we get a PayPal receipt we will create a schedule based on your schedule preferences and email the schedule to you.  You will get the access code to start the online course at the parent meeting.  The signed forms will also need to be turned in at the meeting.  We will let you know via text or email of upcoming meeting places and times.  Students are required to attend.

     We must have a meeting at least 2 weeks prior to first drive or the "locked-in" schedule may become unlocked and you may lose your scheduled drive times.  Students must have at least 2 weeks to work on the online course before the first drive.  You will be notified of meeting places and times throughout the month.  


Our Mission


I believe driving today is more dangerous than ever and the typical drivers education school is not addressing these dangers nor giving students the necessary tools to avoid them.  At Ultra Safe I teach students safer, defensive driving.  This means learning how to scan the roadway, identify and prioritize potential problems, discuss what defensive driving tool can prevent the problem, and then what to do if the problem actually occurs.  Students soon understand the majority of all wrecks are caused by just few things and most of those things can be controlled through knowledge, practice, and discipline.  After working for 3 large driving schools and public driver education I feel most driving schools only focus on controlling the vehicle and memorizing driving laws - rarely going into serious advanced training.  Ultra Safe goes above and beyond basic driver education.  I always explain "Why..." so that students are able to explain advanced concepts like reaction time and identify the relationships between speed, space, distraction, visibility, and other factors in most wrecks.  My students graduate with a deeper understanding of the driving task and a greater confidence when entering the driving culture.  I ultimately want students to learn safe driving from effective training - not their own bad experiences.  -  Wes Hult

How Are We Different?

  • More Practice Time Behind-the-Wheel - Students drive a minimum 7 hours compared to *5.5 hrs in other schools.  Students also receive over 7 hours of defensive driving instruction in addition to the 7 hours of actual driving.  *All driving school including public driver education claim students receive 6 hours of driving - but after seat, headrest, mirror adjustments and pre-drive overview students lose at least 30 minutes of actual driving.  UltraSafe students receive an actual 7 hours of driving.

  • Fastest Way To Get Your Permit - With only 7 drives most students complete the course within 2 to 3 weeks after the first drive.

  • Time Saving - Classroom instruction is online which means no driving across town to drop off and pick up your student.  Students complete the online course at their own pace and convenience.  Also, some students might be able to drive themselves home.

  • Parent Observation Drive - Very Important! - We have a 45 minute parent observation drive.  You will have the opportunity to see first hand our defensive driving instruction and observe your student's strengths and weaknesses before they drive with you.  We are proud of our training and have nothing to hide - Also UltraSafe is the only private driving school to allow parents to ride along on any part, or all of the drives!

  • Highly Qualified Instructor - Very Important!  You will be trained exclusively by a 12 year veteran instructor who can accurately evaluate your progress.  This is important because being taught by more than one instructor makes it harder to determine progress and address struggling areas.

  • High Quality Drives - Fast doesn't mean low quality.  Your student will receive the best customized instruction.  Special assignments, videos, and reading materials supplement the Idaho Online Driver Education course. 

  • Flexibility - No Assembly Line Feeling   Most driving schools have strict schedules where there is little flexibility.  If a parent is late, the student's drive is shortened and the drives cannot go longer than planned because there are more students to teach.  With Ultra Safe it is okay if your late and many drives go longer than planned simply because we enjoy teaching.  Since we only teach a few students per month rescheduling usually isn't a problem.

  • Student Progress Updates For Parents - Receive text notifications of student progress, problem areas, and overall assessment.

  • Real World Driving Experiences 

        We don't take the easy routes.  The Enhanced Course is above and beyond any driving school.        


Enhanced Teen Driving Course

  • 19 hours of in car instruction with 11+ hours of actual driving - The best deal in Idaho (9 driving lessons)

  • Additional 30 miles of freeway training for a total of 60+ miles of freeway driving

  • 250+ Miles of total driving

  • More downtown driving including parallel parking

  • 1 hour of GPS driving

  • 7+ hours of free defensive driving instruction

  • Complimentary "New Driver" car magnet

$600  - includes the online course.

The online class must be finished before scheduling the drives.  Want to schedule before finishing the online?  It is $50 extra to schedule before finishing the online class.  

Course Information

What is a Hybrid Class? 

Our lessons are longer because students receive 45 minutes to 60 minutes of in-car classroom instruction while driving.  This greatly increases retention.  It is important that students learn why they are doing something, rather than just how to do something.  The more knowledge they have the more likely they won't develop bad habits after drivers training.


How does this compare with other schools?

With all driving schools there is a driving portion and a classroom portion.  The classroom sessions are separate from the driving in that students go to a class for a few hours and then later they drive - but how much later?  In a typical driver education school students learn how to do driving maneuvers and techniques in the classroom and then are expected to remember these maneuvers and techniques later when driving.  For example a classroom instructor might discuss how to complete a yielding left turn at a traffic light in the classroom and then expect the student to remember when driving many days later!  This is not a good way to learn.  With Ultra Safe specific maneuvers & techniques including their pros and cons along with the driving laws applied to them are discussed in the vehicle just before the student performs the action.  Ultra Safe brings classroom content and instruction into the driving portion for maximum learning and retention. 

Here are some of the driving scenarios and maneuvers we discuss in the car...

1.  Yielding left turns from the center lane and traffic lights (including what to do when someone does a dangerous left turn in front of you)

2.  Roundabouts

3.  Hill & Mountain Driving

4.  Lane changes

5.  Advanced scanning and risk/escape route assessment technique

6.  Left turns through the center turn lane

7.  Freeway driving

We also discuss driver psychology, the driving culture, what to expect after drivers training, how to ask directions from a passenger, the different perspectives on safety and ethics, how to deal with passive aggressiveness & road rage, how to forgive other drivers, the affects of bad driving on your vehicle, good (and bad) habit development, how to plan safer and legal routes, time management, vehicle collisions and airbags, the 3 ways to help others see you, how traffic lights and speed limits are connected, scenarios where the law fails and when to purposely break the law for safety reasons, and the 8 major reasons for most wrecks - their relationships to each other - and how much control we actually have in avoiding collisions.  This is just a portion of what we discuss.  




Here is an actual lesson on an 

advanced technique that can

save your life.  (before covid)

For liability reasons we use an

inside camera to record the

instructor and outside camera

to record the road.
















Our philosophy is simple:  No matter how rare or unlikely something bad might happen - we examine all the reasons why the bad thing could happen and explore all the ways we can mitigate or eliminate the bad thing.  Drivers actually do have a lot of control in most situations. 

Click here for more information on our advanced instruction..."Why do we call ourselves Advanced?"




Idaho Online Driver Education (IODE)

All driver education courses in Idaho must include a classroom portion.  We use Idaho Online Driver Education (IODE).  IODE is included in the price.  This online class is the closest thing to having an actual teacher.  Students can still complete this course at their convenience.  All activities are evaluated by an actual teacher who can give feedback.  You can only sign up for this course after you have paid for a course with UltraSafe.  You will receive an invitation to enroll after you have paid.  We will do the scheduled drives regardless of the student's IODE progress.  Customer service is really good.  IODE was created by retired Idaho Public Driver Education Coordinator Brian Johns - not a corporation.


Enhanced Teen Driving    $600 includes the online.

This is for students 17 and under and have not taken a driver education course.  You will receive a Paypal invoice for $50

After the online course is finished we will schedule the drives and you will receive a $550 Paypal invoice for the driving portion.  The online course takes an average of 20 hours to complete.  Click on "How to Sign Up" above and follow the prompts. 

It is an extra $50 to schedule early before finishing the online course.  The driving portion is $550 if you use a different online classroom course besides Idaho Online Driver Education (IODE).



More driving with us means safer driving when you begin supervised driving.  The Enhanced Course includes the Teen Basic Course with 4 additional hours (2 drives) where students will drive in more challenging environments, have more time to fine-tune their skill before driving with parents, and have more opportunity to make defensive driving a habit.  This is a great cost-saving option if you feel your student will need more than 7 drives (additional practice drives are $50/hr).  We will also be able to discuss more driving laws and other important information.  Students receive their permit after the 7 regular drives, then the student will do the 2 additional enhanced drives whenever their schedule allows which will apply to their 50 hour supervised driving requirement.  This is the best deal in all driver education.   

We can do anything you want.  We usually do the following...

  • Additional Highway Driving w/ merging (To Simco Rd).  Cruise control is taught.  Passing vehicles is also taught.  It is very rare for driver education students to speed up and pass another vehicle.  Students will purposely feel rumble strips. 

  • Additional City Driving with parallel parking.

  • GPS Driving  -  Driving using a GPS can be very challenging.  It is important for students to know how to take directions from a gps.  We use a high quality Garmin GPS.

  • Other areas might include Hidden Springs, Harris Ranch, Eagle, and Highway 55.

  • Left turns into the center turn lane/merging from the center turn lane.

  • Thru-turns, peripheral vision driving exercises, and enhanced scanning, evaluating, and anticipating of potential problems.  Also "timing" exercises where students must use precise timing in order to not stop on a roadway, such as turning left between the gaps of oncoming vehicles (like Orchard St. where there is no center turn lane).

  • Focuses exclusively on building good defensive driving habits.  The regular teen driving program only introduces these concepts.

  • Also allows more practice doing the basics such as speed control, lane changes, turns, and covering the break (very important because you won't have a passenger brake in your own vehicle). 

     After scheduling the 7 regular drives we will schedule the 2 additional enhanced drives.

What makes UltraSafe "Advanced"?

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