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Driving Locations and Practice Options

The drives will start at specific locations and you must have a permit.  Let us know if you need to be picked up.  A transportation fee will vary based on where you need to be picked up.  Drives start at 3 possible locations: 

1.  The Idaho Transportation Department on State Street. 

2.  Boise Factor Outlets on the east side. 

3.  Chuckarama or Truckstop off of Overland Rd & Cole Rd.


​​Teen & Adults 18+ Practice Drives   $80 for 2.5 hours  

You must have a permit.  This is a good option if you want to know what is on the driving test.

3 Drive Starter Course  $220 for 3 drives (2-2.5 hours each)

The purpose of this course is to help you get enough driving skills to practice with a friend or family member.  It will not guarantee accident-free driving or passing the Skills Test.  You definitely will get better at driving and learn a lot of useful, real world information.  After 3 drives most students learn enough to start driving with friends and family. 

For teens 14.5 to 17 who have completed driver training (driving and classroom) and adults who have a permit.  This is good if your teen needs refresher drives or is interested in learning some good defensive driving techniques.  This is also good for adults.  There is a 7 Drive Package available after you have finished this 3 Drive Package.  

Advanced Freeway Driving    $160 for 3 hours

  Training is dedicated to freeway and major highways.  Learn advanced merging, exiting, lane changing, and roadway techniques.  You will learn a lot.  Can be one 3 hour drive, two 1.5 hour drives, or three 1 hour drives.

2 Drive Rehabilitation Drive for Individuals Who've Had a Traumatic Experience  $100 (4 hours total)

  It is easy to lose confidence and be hesitant to drive after a collision.  For the first drive you will ride along as a passenger to observe the simple techniques to avoid future collisions and reduce anxiety.  You will learn about space management, good selfish driving, the foundations of defensive driving, how to identify potential risks and reduce risks (solve potential problems), and vehicle safety features.  The defensive driving skills and knowledge that are taught are far beyond anything in any textbook, video, or class.  You will drive on the second drive implementing what you've learned and start to build new, better habits.  Each drive is 2 hours.

  Text us at 208-880-3311 to schedule.







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