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Masks are required on everybody in the vehicle.



Overview of the steps to get a permit, scheduling, and paying

​1.  Go to the DMV as soon as possible to get the permit.  You must have a permit in order to drive.  Go to the DMV Page for more information.   

2.  Follow the scheduling steps below.  Use the Schedule Preference Form to let us know the times you can drive.  More information below. 

3The next step is paying for the drives.  We will email a Paypal invoice to be paid with credit, debit, or paypal account.

How to Schedule

​​Step 1.  Write down or note any important events for the next 3-4 weeks on your personal calendar. 


Step 2.  Fill out the Driving Schedule Preference Form below.  Please choose as many days and times as possible.  Saturdays are hard to get and we do not drive on Sundays.  It is perfectly safe to practice driving at night.  If you want to learn to drive - you might need to make sacrifices in your schedule.  If you do not choose every possible available time you can drive - there might be a delay in scheduling your drives.  For example...we may not respond if you choose cannot drive Monday-Friday, only on Saturdays.  We drive from 8am to 8pm Monday -  Friday, and 9am to 4p on Saturdays. 

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