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After paying we will send a request to IODE for an online invitation to be emailed to you.  Your student will have a 60 day time limit to finish the online course after you have received the email invitation to start the course.  We can postpone the request if you want to start the online course later.  Please let us know when you'd like the invitation to be emailed to you. 

Common Questions...


How long does it take to finish the online course?

60 days is plenty of time to finish the online as it takes most students around 20 hours to complete  -  this is about 15 minutes per day to finish. 


How long after my student completes the online course will they be able to schedule and start driving?

You can schedule immediately when the online course is finished.  As for driving, it depends on how many other student finish the online course when your student finishes.  If 2 or 3 students finish the online just before your student does - we can schedule the drives but may not be able to start driving for 3 - 4 weeks (this would be extremely rare).  It is first come - first served.  Currently we have 7 students working on the online course.  Most of them have been working on the online for over a month.  Usually almost half the students quit the online or they are removed from the course for taking too long to finish.  Most of the time students are able to start driving within 1 week of finishing the online course.  Feel free to ask us for an update on approximately when your student can start driving after finishing the online course.   

*We do not provide services for individuals living between Hwy 55 & Hwy 16; and between Beacon Light Rd & Chinden Blvd. 

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