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Please review this page if you are 18+ and have a permit or license

Don't have a permit or license?

You must get your Instruction Permit first by going to the DMV and taking their written test.  Please do this step before contacting us.  Make sure you take the required documents to the DMV.


Please Read BEFORE Contacting Us


1.  Do not contact us until you have a permit and you are serious about learning to drive.  Learning to drive is not a smooth/easy process. 

     We will start in parking lots and neighborhoods but sooner or later we must get on public roads.  The first and second drives are usually uncomfortable because you are doing something you are not good at.  Every driver on the road was a beginner at some time.  Every driver had uncomfortable experiences in learning to drive.  But with good training you will see that driving is not hard or as stressful as it appears. 

     The refund policy has changed - no refunds.  Too many students are doing one drive and quitting even though they do very well in the parking lot or neighborhood.  If you have anxiety about driving - this is normal.  Write down 10 reasons for learning to drive.  Most people can easily ride a bike, take a bus, get a ride from a friend, or get a taxi/uber for the rest of their lives - but your experiences in life could be greatly limited by your transportation limitations.         


2.  Locations...The first drive will start at either Chuckarama off Overland & Cole, Truckstop/Steven Henager College Boise Campus also off Overland & Cole, the old Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) location on State St., the new ITD on Chinden Blvd, or the Outlet Mall by Micron.  We can start in other locations but there might be an extra charge.  If you cannot start at the above locations we can pick you up at your residence for an additional charge.  The average cost for pick up, for 3 drives, is usually $30-45.

3.  Drives are 2 - 2.5 hours long.  If you need home pickup please allocate 3 hours total for the drive.  We can do shorter drives but they will reduce your total training time.  So if we do a drive for 1 hour, it does not mean the next drive will be 3 hours. 

4.  Masks are required on everyone in the vehicle and must cover the nose.

Please proceed to the Scheduling Page for more information.


What documents to take to the DMV - DMV Info Page


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