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Before Proceeding Please Understand...

1.  The 7 drive course will be replaced with a 10 drive course on April 15th. (info)

2.  Masks are required on everyone in the vehicle - no exceptions.

3.  Students must be at least 15 - no exceptions.

4.  There is a 1 hour parent observation drive on the last drive. 

Only a parent or legal guardian can observe.

5.  A parent must drop off student on the first drive (except 18+).

6.  There are specific drive locations listed on the scheduling page. 

Picking up and/or dropping off at specific locations is an extra fee.

7.  Drives are 2 hours to 2 hours & 15 minutes.  They cannot be shortened. 

8.  There are 7 drives.  Students must do at least 7 drives and drives cannot

be combined with other drives. 

9.  We do not provide services for individuals living between Hwy 55 & Hwy 16;

and between Beacon Light Rd & Chinden Blvd, or Eagle High School or

Rocky Mountain High School students. 

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